Noor Turkish Drama On Geo TV From 17th December

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New drama serial Noor will be on air from Geo TV from 17th December (Monday). The drama is dubbed in Urdu and is originally a Turkish drama Gumus. The drama Gumus was broadcast in Turkey from 2005-07, but it became a massive hit when it was aired in Arab world. In Arab world the drama was aired by the name Noor.


The drama serial Noor also created some controversy in Arab world. Saudi Arabia leading cleric instructed Muslim to avoid watching the show. A Hamas legislator and preacher also spoke against the drama.

Many other Turkish dramas are on aired from Pakistani drama channels. Urdu 1 channel started this tradition. Ishq E Memnu Turkish drama is one of the most watched drama serial in Pakistan. “Asi” another Turkish drama serial is telecast from Express Entertainment. A new drama serial Ishq Jo Ab Mamnu Na Raha will soon air from Express Entertainment.

Update:  New timing for Noor drama is as follows from 7th January

Fresh Episodes: 11:00 pm to 12 midnight
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Repeat Episodes: 11:00 am to 12 noon
Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday


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  • zaib says:

    its my opinion so any1 can disagree but i think k ye drama ISHQ E MAMNU jis idea py bana hae its not right. meri jis sy b discussion hui hae is drama py,sbko bihter n behlul k lye bura lagta hae.every1 feel sympathy 4 them. but the thing is k jo relationship unka tha,WAS THAT RIGHT 1??? jo gunaah un dono ny kia tha islamic law k mutabiq un dono ko saza e mout e honi thi.
    its time to think k hum jin k lye itna dukhi hotay hain,sympathy feel krty hain,wo ye deserve b kartay hain ya nai???
    dekhna b hae to moral aspect dekhna chahye hr chez ka. she was in a sacred relationship so she was more resposible than behlul.usko aisa kuch nai krna chahye tha.but she did n she paid for that.

  • Ch Tahir says:

    I love behlul.and i like this acting

  • muhammad irfan says:

    i desire not play this drama in pakistan
    i request to geo not play this drama and play pakistani daramas

  • guest says:

    A?k-? memnu is not a love series.It tells just a sin about a forbidden relationship (not love-at least we know that behlül does not love bihter) and the punishment of it at the end (it’s a quotation of a novel of H. Ziya U?akl?gil in Türkiye(Turkey)).It drew a big reaction from the public and was wanted to be removed from broadcasting but they didn’t remove because it was a product of some origins in Türkiye to deprave the youth. And a?k-? memnu failed at many countries it was aired; it was a failure in the Middle East and K?vanç Tatl?tu? lost his huge popularity which he got by Gümü? (Noor) and mbc channel didn’t buy his last series again there and it was removed from broadcasting in Croatia because of the low ratings after broadcadting 4 days.I don’t know why Pakistan broadcasted it if it was broadcasted.It’s a really failure with its disgusting story.I get really surprised when I see someone like it or behlül or the other disgusting characters of that series.A series can’t be loved because of an actor or an actress because he or she plays in it.That’s really a mental case.

    By the way as an info; Gümü?(Noor) can’t be put in comparison with the other series or any series by its extraordinary success in the world where it was aired.Its success even was a research subject at American university.American or Europan press tries to tell about its success by mentioning about the success of the series Dallas of eighteens but Dallas also can’t be in comparison with Gümü? because at that time there were only few series and few channels in the countries of the world but now there are thousands of series and channels in the world and Gümü? is at a different place in the series by its success that any series can’t be in comparison with Gümü? (Noor). It’s a really great success everywhere it was aired by its story of a great true love story of Gümü?&Mehmet (Noor&Mohanned in the Middle East), also called as a Cindrella story. And all the world’s countries biggest press are interested in this success.Songül Öden and K?vanç Tatl?tu? got very huge popularity in the countries (but as I mentioned before K?vanç Tatl?tu? lost most of that in Arabic countries).Songül Öden&K?vanç Tatl?tu? are called as a’Golden Couple’ everywhere and still are invited to those countries together although they played in different series after Gümü? but people see them as a couple and want to see them in a new project for years.Also Turkish government choose them together as a face of campaigns of the government (I talk about also 2012). They are still United Nations envoy to Türkiye.

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