Urdu 1 Drama Ishq E Memnu Episodes Are Big Hit

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Urdu 1 Drama Ishq E MemnuIshq E Memnu is a newly started yet highly reputed drama serial being aired on Urdu 1, newly launched entertainment TV Channel. The original title of the drama is Aski Memnu (English: Forbidden Love), it is a Turkish romantic drama television series produced by Ay Yap?m Productions and originally broadcasting by Kanal D between 2008 and 2010.


Ishq-e-Mamnoon drama has been adapted from a Turkish drama serial and its story revolves around rich widower Adnan Ziyagil, who lives in a mansion on the shore of Istanbul’s Bosporus strait with his two children Bülent and Nihal, playboy Behlül, who is a distant relative, and the children’s nanny Deniz.

It is written by Ece Yorenc and Melek Gencoglu while it is directed by byHilal Saral. The drama has beaten few dramas of Geo entertainment, Hum TV and ARY Digital because of its new touch and story.

Here is one episode of Ishq E Memnu drama. Watch this video and decide that whether the drama is good or not.

Ishq E Memnu By Urdu1 Episode 135 – Part 1 by PakDramas2012

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  • mehwish says:

    hey can u tell me, from where i can get all episodes of ishq e mamnoo in urdu??

  • Ishaq-Mamnu & ezabal is my most favourt daramas in my life. I like it very much & my friend also. It is the very well path to observe the culture of Austambol (Turky). this all Cradit Goes to Urdu 1 channel & their team. Due to both dramas Ishaq-e-Mamnu & Ezabal in my view Urdu 1 is my best top ten channels list of the world.

  • maria says:

    ishq e mamnu is ma eva fav drama seria..plz tell me wea i got all episode of this drama in urdu pzz

  • alishbaali says:

    hi can u tell me how i can get the episode of isabel mere akhri mohabat in urdu

  • Sufyan Safi says:

    Ishq.e.mamno is most loving drama serial.. … nd the most dashing r behlol nd nihal….. Nihal is my fav…..she is so inocent in this serial>>>>

  • sana says:

    ishq mamnon is gud but as per ending which i have seen most of people wont love it at the end

  • kanzaali says:

    i hate this valogour i wish this channel is baned i hate this cheap drama this is not our culture

  • farhan says:

    i have link of this serial

  • kashaf zehra says:

    i love this drama soo much all character are playing best roles in this drama i like nihal as hazal kaya alsoooo

  • uzi says:

    how does baser dies in ishq e mamnon

    • Fazal Hayat says:

      @uzi, In the book it is consumption-tuberculosis! Bashir, in the original Ottoman story version is a black slave! Imagine the slave wanting to marry the princess – it would be like Razia Sultan and Yaqoot of Indo-Pak.

  • sehrish says:

    from where i can watch online episodes of ishq e mamnoon

  • rfyg says:

    humhe yeh channel wpis chahiye

  • yaman says:

    i like this drama, and all cast , are sooo beautiful

  • moaz says:

    it is a fantastic serial i like it very much plz continue it for a long period

  • Arif Shahzad says:


    Beautiful Serial, all the character performing very well, a very big credit goes to the dubbing department very well done. this serial and pakistani serials are 100 percent better than the indian serials.

    • Fazal Hayat says:

      @Arif Shahzad,
      Haee, Haaee, Absolutely no!
      The english word accents are all so incorrect and gluterral. Bihter’s dubbed voice is the most urdu mediun english of all. Next worst is Aunty Ehsan, she is atrocious to hear. These Karachi based urdu speaking artistes cannot speak correct faultless english. Actually this all is a class story. Urdu 1 should have hired ‘proper spoken english’ educated voices. The voices we hear do not match the class of society depicted!

  • bushra says:

    ilove this darama ,its story is v.gud

  • this is an awesome drama, now plz bring a climax !! plzzzz .. and plz show nehal’s and behlul’s married life dont finish we they marry <3

  • twinkle says:

    its an awesome drama:) well, nihal shud be married to bashir as hez a good sincere guy to Mr. Adnan’s family n he loves nihal very much…:):)nyways,w8ng 4 a happy ending of this drama :):)

    • Fazal Hayat says:

      Really! A consumption ridden dying servant to marry the princess of the house! Really Twinkle!!! you should only do what you know best – just twinkle silently in the sky and do not pass such stupid matrimonial alliances. Bashir may have loved Nihal; but did she love him? Really you should see things as they really are. Moreover I am not an elitest; but I firmly believe like should marry like and one should marry well within one’s class and social order. Chemille was the obvious choice for the bastard Bashir, but then he never wanted that. The non-dying bastard should have died well before the very last episode. He ruined it for all. The equally despicable character is that nanny-naukaraani Denize de Courton. She too had dreams of getting into the mistress of the house’s bed and marry Adnan. Such beastly and socially over ambitious people, both Bashir and Denize. Good that they never were able to attain what they desired most.

  • hajira kazmi says:

    i like this drama so much. specially nihal and behlul

  • MAHA says:

    i want to know that who r the dubbing artists of bihter, behlul n nihal. if anyone knows plz let me knw tht…

  • waqas says:

    I and my whole famaily like ishq e mumnoo very much………nice story

  • tania says:

    it,s a super duper drama it is fabulas i love this drama,but the last episode is very sad episode,when i saw the last episode on net that time my eyes become full of water i began to be cry.i love this drama

  • NHS Studios says:

    This drama was aired on FuaiqAir in Turkey from 2008 to 2010 and one episode was telecasted once in a week spreading to a total of 139 episode over a span of two years.The dubbing has been completely arranged and voiced at GRAFFITI studios Dubai and the voices(in plain Urdu) have been adapted from professional dubsmen/dubswomen from karachi, Dubai, Islamabad, Bangalore,Chennai and Istanbul. Behlul has been voiced by Imran Zia from Karachi.Beater has been voiced by Sharon patel from Dubai.Nihal by Zoofishan Iftikhar from Islamabad.Adnan by Rajiv khoyl from India! all the team is based in dubai and the dubbing was finalised at karachi.Great its a big hit.Thank you.

    • Sam says:

      Sorry to say but both ishq e mamnoon and Isabel’s voice over are terrible it detracts from the popularity of the drama as it sounds like an advertisement though I love them both but still wish there was better dubbing

    • Fazal Hayat says:

      Terrible, just terrible. The voices dubbed are such a through disgrace and the translation is not too good either. I suppose Urdu 1 never actually knew it would have such a popular drama serial in it’s lap. The voice-actors maybe from the moon; but they do not do the job worthy of their salt. Such an utter shame to sodomize such a gripping visual. Still thanks are due to Urdu 1, atleast they roped the series in for us. Just wish the mangerial team at Urdu 1 could have put their heads together and found better vocals for the characters.

  • Atika Khan says:

    Ishq e mamnoon is a fabolous drama,i haven stopped watching drama for quite some time,but this drama has forced me to spare time for TV too.Can anyone tell me exact site (other then you tube) from where i can watch/download all episodes of this drama .

  • Mustajab says:

    Thanks Noman for the address of ishqa mamnoon website

  • zara says:

    ohhh!!!it is so cool.what drama it so beautiful.i wanna see when bhiter sucides.

  • StreamPlus says:

    Watch Full Dubbed Ishq E Mamnoon Drama LIVE AT:

  • friend says:

    Bashir will die..
    behtar will commit suicide
    zia gill will leave the country wid kids and mrs deniz
    mrs firdous will have folage(koma)
    and behlul will get mental

  • singer tanha says:

    my name muhammad shah nick name singer tanha im pakistani singer tanha and im a computer engineer and i like this drama ashq e mamnoon i like love story

  • niayesh tariq says:

    It’s a beautifull love story.i like bhiter acting because she is truly love 4 bahlul .

  • zainab says:

    i like ishq-e-memnu vry much plz tell me how i can see its last episode in cmp before incoming on tv

  • zainab says:

    plz tell me ishq-e-memnu`s addres or website

  • affifa says:

    can anyone please tell me what happens in the end of this drama ???? =?

    • Anonymous says:

      In the end bither will kill herself with adnans gun,bashir will die,nihal and behlul dont marry eachother,mrs firdose becomes paralised and bahlul kindda becomes psycho or something

  • Naz says:

    yea it is an intresting story thori hutt k hai.

  • hira says:

    plz tell me how many episodes are left now??????plzzzz do tell me

  • leah says:

    i dnt lyk immature nihal , i lyk the attitude girl bihter

  • sami bhatti says:

    ishq e mamno vry butifl seril all the charactrs ply their rol very wel especialy bahlool nd nehal nd also bashir ply a suparb rol i lik it vry much.

  • barbie says:

    this drama is so good and i love u bither u are so beautiful and hot and i love this drama and all characters of this drama

  • maha says:

    i hate this vulgar serial. kindly stop promoting these kind of serials. urdu 1 is fuzool tareen channel

    • Fazal Hayat says:

      This is not a vulgar serial. Try not to see life as good or bad; black and white or yes and no! Darling, do not be such a prude. It is infact a melange of various interwoven human relationships. You must learn to appreciate written classics which have been transformen from the written material to visual forms. You may not like this channel; that is quite fine with us, in the meanwhile Darling, tune your telly elsewhere – Maulvi Israr’s shows would be a good show for you and surely less fazool-tareen!!! It may get you to solitary heavens. Do not upset us with your self righteous prattle. It is so annoying to preach what you do not practise yourself. I bet you would walk naked to the moon with Kivanc Tatlitug-the actor who plays Behlul. Grow up and try to see the inter-posed human relationships mounted so well in this series. Mind you not all relationships in this series are badmaash and luchaa as you imagine they are! Try not to be so judgemental in future. Your remarks just actually despell your mindset. Do grow up.

  • malik atiqe says:

    beutifull girl bheetar

  • Shiza says:

    i love this drama and bihter should deserve this she deceive his husband !

  • hashimzafarullah says:

    i love ishq e mmnoon bihter and behlul are my favourite

  • Anna says:

    Ishqemmnun my fvrt drama serial i luk all the chractrx and da most fvrt x behlul he x gorgious

  • SIRAJ says:

    Ashk e mamnoon wow what a drama series i think one of the best drama series in the world i had never ever watch this type of series wonderfully good job Adnan ziagil, Bahlul, bither and nehal

  • shumaila says:

    behlol is so cute

  • lyba says:

    i love this drama alot……… was awesome:)

  • farhan but says:

    i like so much this serial

    i want to again see this darama

  • shani says:

    behuda or fahash tareen drama.. hate such crap..

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