Ishq Jo Ab Mamnu Na Raha To Start From Express Entertainment

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A new drama Ishq Jo Ab Mamnu Na Raha will soon start from Express Entertainment. This is a Turkish drama serial which will be airing from Express Entertainment. However on Express Entertainment official Facebook Page the drama page is named as “Ab Ishq Mamno Na Raha!”


Many other Turkish drama serial are now a day’s aired from different entertainment channels of Pakistan. Urdu 1 channel which was launched in June 2012 are airing most of these Turkish dramas. Turkish drama Ishq E Memnu has become a big hit and it is aired on Urdu 1. “Asi” which is aired from Express Entertainment is also liked by viewers.

This new drama serial “ Ishq Jo Ab Mamnu Na Raha” has a story about a Turkish girl who lives in Germany with her family. She falls in love with Bosnian guy. Lead couple of drama are Behlul and Manahil.

Update: The drama will start from 17th December on Express Entertainment.

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  • shahid says:

    the real nameof this drama is “Menek?e ile Halil”

  • mehwish says:

    i like bahlul sooooooooooo much

  • sweeti says:

    thank god he back again

  • sonia says:

    very soulfull music….loveeee it….

  • tahir says:

    plz someone give me the music . i love the music

  • Hira says:

    MinAhIl and khalil awsume c0uple……..we awl knew k u guys rock dix serial….:))))

  • Prince Nofel says:

    MinAhIl and khalil is the very best character & very nice couple.

    *~*~*I am not STRANGER*~*~*

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