Wasim Akram Wedding Was Held In 1995

World best bowler Wasim Akram wedding was held in 1995. He married to Huma and they had two sons Tahmoor who was born in 1996 and Akbar the younger one was born in 2000. In October 2009 Huma Akram died in Chennai, India.

As in 1995 Wasim Akram was a star (as he was exceptional in 1992 World Cup) but still at that time he was not among the best bowlers of all time. In his wedding ceremony cricketers, family guest and friends were invited.


Wasim Akram played 104 Test matches and 356 One Day Internationals (ODIs) and took 414 and 502 wickets respectively. Wasim Akram full name is Chaudhry Wasim Akram Arain.


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