The Impact of Electronic Media on the Modern World

The impact of electronic media on the modern world can be felt a lot today as the changes are being taken place in the whole world. Those countries in which there was a lot of anarchy or chaos and where there was no role of government in favor of the public, today the public there has woken up to demand their rights by means of electronic media. The huge protests have been started against the governments for the change in the countries.  This is actually a raising alarm for those who are intoxicated in power and just filling their own stomachs. This state of affairs has been into existence due to electronic media. People are using internet and spreading messages to others to take part in protests and these protests are gradually converting into violent incidents that can cause enormous casualties.

It is said that if a country wants to hit or weaken a nation, she should hit the religion and the culture of the nation that will automatically lose its identification. The media is doing the same thing today which is actually a war against the destruction of a nation. As it can be observed that people usually youngsters, children and women, in Pakistani society, are adapting the culture of India; Sonya Gandhi proudly said once that they didn’t need to go in war with Pakistan because they already had culturally defeated Pakistan and indeed the statement seems to be true today. The culture of India existed in Pakistan through electronic media.

The electronic media has both effects, positive and negative. If it is playing a negative role, on the other hand it is educating, informing and entertaining the societies too. Today people are getting aware of their rights through the media. Many social programs on TV are presented to set the minds of the masses. Today’s youths try to find the answers to their questions and demand the authorities to account for because media has disclosed all that the new generation has to be aware of. As Pakistani media is pointing out crimes, ministers holding fake degrees, terrorism, inflation etc, it is appreciable because the responsible people can be brought to book in this way.

BBC played a vital role in Arab-Israeli war in last century. BBC actually spied for Israel and its allies in shape of reporting or news. Because of BBC’s bad reputation in Arab-Israeli war, Iraq banned BBC’s presence in recent war against America in which Saddam Hussain was hanged. And today as American and its allies are propagating against Muslims and calling them Terrorists, this shows infidels’ enmity by means of electronic media although America and its allies are themselves involved in terror activities hugely against all those who oppose the policies of America. Also those countries in which America thinks to have its interests are either to be destroyed or economically pressurized or weakened.


It can be said that infidels govern on the electronic media by which they can easily do what they want. So, this is the duty of all the Muslims to burry the hatchet among themselves and be united so that infidels’ sway or mastery on the media could be at least diminished. As infidels propagate against the Muslims, the Muslims through media have to defend themselves and prove that they are peaceful not terrorists and Islam is the religion of the peace. Also the Muslims through electronic media should disclose and display the evil character or role of America and its allies or infidels how they pressurize other countries, what their interests are and what they do when any country refuses to carry out their orders! Surely they are the enemies of the Muslims and want to overcome them and push them to be their slaves for ever. This is why the Muslims have to make their own identification as they had 1400 years back when infidels thought to be secured under the Muslim rulers because of peace and justice. The Muslims need to get that peace and justice back so that people of the world can spend their lives safe and sound!

This article is written by By Hafiz Muhammad Noman. He is a student of Mass Communication in University of Karachi.


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