Sara Chaudhry & Sataesh Khan On Subha Saveray Samaa k Sath

sara chaudhry and sataesh khan on samaa tvKarachi: Two former TV actresses Sarah Chaudhry & Sataesh Khan who are now back on track with truth in their hearts and minds were the guest in today’s show of Subha Saveray Samaa k Sath with Sanam Baloch aired live at 3 am on Samaa TV.

Both the women attended the show in Hijab, covering their body according to the instructions in Islam. However, Sataesh Khan looked a bit uneasy in the show as she was feeling unwell before and during the show.

Meanwhile, Sarah Chaudhry spoke her out and urged the girls and women to read Quran with understanding and to spend their lives in the way of religion which is the key to success.

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