Retirement Age For Government Employees Extended To 62 Years

retirement age for Government EmployeesIslamabad: The government of Pakistan has extended the retirement age for government workers by two years and now the age of retirement for the public servants has been lengthened to 62 from 60 years. The decision has brought a wave of happiness for those who were retiring from the posts in few years or months.

The Cabinet Division while amending the Civil Service Act 1973 has issued the notification extending retirement age. The Cabinet Division has also ordered this to include in the Gazette of Pakistan. The notification will be applicable on all regular civil servants and it would get enforced from November 1, 2012.

The decision has, however, raised the eyebrows of labor leaders who have shown serious concerns over this order and have criticized this by every means.

Update:  Establishment Division has declared the retirement age notification that extends retirement age of government employees to 62 from 60 years as fake.



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