Rallies of Karachi & Islamabad Students on Blasphemy Movie

kalma flagIslamabad, Karachi: today, hundreds of students gathered in capital city to record protest regarding Blasphemy issue. According to media, students tried to enter in red zone. Students threw stones on police after shelling from police. A student told that Police opened fire at them and dozens of students injured. The massive students protest was not a single party campaign. A large amount of Islami Jamiat Talaba students were present there.  Second rally was observed in Karachi city which remained non-violent.

A massive rally was organized by Students of Karachi and NED University held on University road. Students of KU, NED, SSUET, UIT, IIEE, IQRA, FUUAST and other educational institutes were gathered for peaceful march.

Students had Kalma flags in White and black color and they had slogans against US. The rally had two steps. One was on University road while second was on press club.

Talking to media, speaker of Rally demanded three things

  1. Closing US Embassy & military bases in Pakistan
  2. Demanding Muslim Armies To Respond To Blasphemous Movie
  3. Re-Establishment of Caliphate

Though there was no flags of any student union party in this rally, Hizbut Tahrir told media that they organized this rally. Below are pictures of both protests.

Students Protest in Islamabad


Students rally in Karachi


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