Rabia Noreen At Subh-E-Nau On PTV News Channel

Rabia Noreen, wife of leading drama actor and director, Abid Ali was the guest today at the morning show Subh-e-Nau. She is a famous drama actor who has played versatile roles in various soaps and serials. She had also played the role of Khirad’s mother in the phenomenon drama, Humsafar.

Being an actress and as a wife she discussed her personal life with the show host, Nusrat Haris. She said that she enjoys a good happy married life because of her calm and peaceful personality.

She said that I co-operate with my husband and never complain to him and that is the reason that he always seeks my advice in daily chores. She said being critical, sarcastic about others is no good. Like others, she can also talk ill of others, but she doesn’t believe in doing so.

While discussing about her like she said that she had always admired Mohammad Ali and Zeba’s couple and few Pakistanis songs bring smile on her face. On the show, song “Na Chura Sako Gay Daman” was also played to pay tribute to the legendary film actress Sabiha Santosh, whose death anniversary is observed today.


The show is telecasted through Monday to Friday every morning from 9 am to 11 am at PTV News Channel.

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