Protests Against Blasphemous Film & Role Of Media In Pakistan

The whole world is facing the huge protests by the Muslims against a US-made anti-Islam and blasphemous film. The protests by the Muslims along with the element of violence in the protests are increasing day by day and surely it is the expression of love with the last prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) for Whom, the Muslims are always ready to sacrifice their lives and can never bear any kind of blasphemy with Him but with all the prophets as the Muslims believe in and respect all the prophets of the universe.

anti islam movie protestOn this occasion, the Pakistani media is also responsible to perform its real duty in order to promote, support and co-operate the protests but the Pakistani media must be in favour of the protests being done by the Muslims so that US, its allies and all the infidels should realize that everyone here is united on this issue and cannot bear such blasphemous film or any kind of blasphemy and if someone to do so, the Muslims would cut their heads off.

Unfortunately, the role of some media houses in Pakistan is very shameful as it is reported that the US government is funding them in order to give a little coverage to the protests against the blasphemous film or cause to alleviate the intensity of the protests. Such media houses are shamefully exaggerating minor torching or flaming and untoward incidents, which indeed shows that the American agenda is being accomplished or acted on successfully. Although the protests in civilized countries get more raged when the governments hinder or prevent the protestors form their protests, hence every sensible person can clearly gauged that some of the Pakistani media houses are serving for the US government and supporting their stance by highlighting the element of violence in the protests against anti-Islam and blasphemous film.

All the stress of some media houses in Pakistan seems to be spending on criticizing the protestors’ behavior whereas some of our media houses do not even seem ready to speak against cursed filmmakers, cursed French magazines’ editors and the governments that support them. Such media houses are not ready to annoy those governments which are funding them.

Recently a French magazine published some nude photos of the princess of Britain and what happened then, perhaps everybody knows! The government of Britain immediately reacted and the French magazine was banned after this issue though the magazine had no concern with the Britain.

If Pakistan government and big Islamic countries take some effective measures which send a message to the Muslims that the Muslim governments are really annoyed on the blasphemous issue and are taking some serious and extraordinary steps to legislate universal law on the blasphemy of all the prophets as the Jews made a punishment law for the opposition of their holocaust, then there was no reason that the protests adopted violence. When nothing takes place so, the protests will adopt not only violence but the element of flaming or untoward incidents will also take place as it happened in Libya and other countries.

It is not hidden now and everybody knows that in Islamic countries, the diplomats from USA and its allied governments keep busy in sabotaging strategies rather than diplomatic activities and the clear example of this is our own country Pakistan where America on the one hand claims to have good friendship with Pakistan but on the other hand, Pakistan’s sovereignty is being violated openly.

In accordance with me, the protestors in Pakistan are justified on flaming or untoward incidents in their protests. If the government in this situation wants to avoid any unpleasant incident, there must be taken some serious steps which represent rightly for their sentiments because to control sentiments on blasphemy of any prophet is impossible!


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