Potatoes May Cause High Blood Pressure & Diabetes

British Medical Journal has published a new research on the affects of potatoes on our health, especially on our blood pressure.

Eating potatoes in huge amounts 4 times a week will increase the blood pressure by 11% while eating potatoes as French fries will increase the blood pressure by 17%.

The research was based on observing and studying the data of 187,000 people for a period of 20 years, which means the research, was a comprehensive and detailed study.

The study also made recommendations such as changing potatoes with vegetables because it will reduce the risk of high blood pressure by at least 7% and they also have other benefits.


Another research revealed that those women who eat potatoes more than once a week has 27% higher risk of getting diabetes during pregnancy. If the eat potatoes for 5 days in one week they have 50% higher chance of getting potatoes.

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