Pakistan Creates World Record Of Planting Saplings

pakistan plants recordPakistan is all set to break the world record of India by planting highest number of saplings in one day. Pakistan will plant more than seven lacs of mangrove sapling at Kharochan in Thatta coastal area. The volunteers are working in the area called Tarshan creek where they are planting mangroves sampling and trying to break the world record set by India.

The campaign was launched in early morning at 6:20 AM today with the assistance of Asian Development Bank, Coastal Community Development and Forest department. This planting of sampling will continue till 7:30 PM today. Around three hundred people who are working as volunteers are busy in breaking India record.

In 2009 Pakistan set world by planting 0.545 million mangroves but India broke the record in 2010 when it planted around 0.6 million mangroves and created a new world record. According to expert of this field this record may br broken again by India and then Pakistan will once again name this record in its possession. He said that it is a good competition between arch rivals as millions of mangroves are planted which is good for environment.

Update: Pakistan created world record by planting over 700,000 saplings at Kharochan.



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