Mubashir Lucman To Answer All Accusations Today On Dunya News

Lahore: Dunya News TV Anchor Mubashir Lucman, who nowadays is much talked about in the media because of his recent alleged planted interview with Malik Riaz, has finally shown active at his twitter account and has decided to carry out his show ‘Khari baat with Mubashir Lucman’ again.

Lucman yesterday on his twitter account twitted, “I will InshaAllah do my Show tomorrow on Dunya TV and give an answer to all accusations and hopefully you will appreciate that.”

Controversial TV show anchor Lucman looked a bit heartbreaking over abusive comments by his followers on social networking website, he expressed his woe twitting, “It will be better if those of you who are bent on abusing and using abusive language please go off my time line or i will block you.”


He clarified that he is not going anywhere as rumors claimed that he has gone UK to avoid an inquiry and said, “I am sure a lot of people will be shocked who had spread rumors that I had run away to UK to avoid an inquiry. Well I am here.”

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