Kite Flying Craze Getting Dangerous For Karachiites

kite flying in karachiThe art of kite flying was first invented by Chinese in 400 BC. It discovered on the movement of clouds and its structure was based on bird’s wings. The Chinese usually fly kites on religious occasions. It is good to see because it just like we have power over a bird. This Chinese invention is adopted by Pakistani in a very quick session. Nowadays craze of flying kite is on its peak in Pakistan.

However, this craze is getting worst day by day in Pakistan because it takes many lives of innocent people. Flying kite is not a crime but today it is a source of undue killings because the thread which is used to fly kite is very dangerous. In Pakistan many colorful kites are made but no one can think it will take lives of people.

It is my humble request to the government to band all the dangerous stuff use in flying kite and the people who still use such stuff must be arrested.


By: Muhammad Ali

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