Geo Ajooba Returns – Uncle Sam In Khabar Naak Today On Geo News

geo ajooba show According to Geo Ajooba advertisement issued in newspaper today: “When the World was Young! Remains from 300 million years in history. Coral reefs found in Sindh. Who presented it for you the first time?” Geo Ajooba show will be on air at 7:05 PM on 3rd June.

In Khabar Naak today an interesting meeting will be with Uncle Sam. Prince Charles plays a melody, and a mask that makes you dream. Aftab Iqbal is host if Khabar Naak.

In Geo Dost tonight Budget will be discussed. Accoridng to Geo Dost advertisement issued in newspaper today: “The summer has brought another heat wave with the budget. Stay with Geo Dost and keep fining and your ownb news”



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