Dr.Shaista Wahidi Is Joining Geo TV For The Morning Show

After the Ramzan transmission by Sahir Lodhi, now her sister Dr.Shaista Wahidi is joining Geo TV for the morning show.

The coming morning show would be on aired from the Karachi studio of Geo TV. Since a few times the rating of Nadia khan Show was falling down, specially during Ramadan, NKS shows were really bad. Another reason of dismissing Nadia Khan is that she doesn’t want to leave Dubai. In the present scenario among all the morning shows ARYs morning show and its host shaista Wahidi are the best. Therefore Geo has signed Shaista Wahidi.

Another interesting fact is that, Nadia Khan was also morning show host of ARY and she left ARY for Geo TV, now let’s see how long shaista would stay with Geo TV.

This is probably the rule of media industry to hire the known anchors or news casters of the other television network, and so far Geo TV is doing this job very smartly.

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