Donkey Meat Sale in Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi: A local Pakistani TV channel ‘ARY News’ disclosed astonishing news that the meat of donkey is being sold out here in the metropolis. In a show titled ‘Sar-e-Aam’ the slaughtering of donkey was shown exclusively at the TV Channel.

The slaughterer held the view that the poor people in the country are out of money to buy meal for their family, we sale donkey’s meat at cheap rate so that an ordinary man could get meat and give his family something to eat.

He told that the donkeys that are wounded, weak or useless are being slaughtered here and if the money earned through the services of donkey is Halal (legal in Islam) than its meat is also Halal.

He claimed that he do not present the meat of donkey as cow’s meat but tell the customers what it actually is and they buy it by their choice, not been cheated.

The religious scholars when asked about the issue of selling and eating the donkey’s meat said that Islam clearly prohibits eating donkey’s meat. However, if anyone is on the verge of dying of hunger or facing famine, then he/she can have meat of donkey or any other animal.


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