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CM Balochistan Dr Abdul Maalik After the Elections 2013, Dr Abdul Maalik Baloch overtook the ministry as Chief Minister in the Balochistan province, now being the 20th minister to descend. He is affiliated to a National Party in the province which is considered the largest among the parties. He is a nationalist, a parliamentarian and a visionary politician. He hails from Makran, the non-tribal region of Balochistan and hence the province enjoys good situation in terms of tribal conflicts.

Malik Baloch is a respected figure who is known for his good personality and skills and people admire him because of his leadership attitude and down to earth behavior. He had served as health and education minister. He is the founder of Balochistan National Movement and began his career in politics after with associated to Balochistan Student Organization (BSO).

During Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti’s tenure he had served as the Provincial Health Minister in 1993, previously as Provincial Education minister after being member in the Balochistan National Assembly. He became the chairman of the National Party in the year 2008, Pakistan National Party being the former name.

As a senator he had also supervised many of the committees aimed at alleviating the poor standards in various fields of the province including the affairs of the minorities, that of less developed areas, food and agriculture.

[alert style=”white”] He is a MBBS degree holder and an eye specialist. He has rendered great services in the fields of education, health and democracy. [/alert]

Contact details:

Phone number: 9202161-2069

Fax number: 9202161-2069


Email address: cm[at]

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