Chicken And Eggs Prices In Karachi

Wholesale Chicken And Egg Price SindhKarachi: Commissioner Karachi and Divisional Controller General Prices regulate rates of Chicken and Eggs on regular basis which are available on AwamiWeb. Karachiites feel curious about updated price of Poultry products. It’s pertinent to mention here that shopkeepers are not allowed to violate officially approved price list.

Below are Today’s rates.

ItemRetail Price
Broiler Chicken Live130 Rupees Per Kilo
Broiler Chicken Meat195 Rupees Per Kilo
Layer Chickens Live80 Rupees Per Kilo
Layer Chickens Meat120 Rupees Per Kilo
Egg95-100 Rupees Per Dozen
Last Updated: 27th August, 2015

These rates would be followed immediately by all the shopkeepers and traders. These mentioned costs are according to Commissioner Karachi. If you find that someone is charging more than these prices then Complaint here.

This is also noticed that some shopkeepers don’t follow provided official standards of Government. It’s necessary to use correct weights. These prices are for all small & big shopkeepers and supermarkets.

[alert] If you want to complain to Commissioner Karachi against price hike call on this number 021-99203443, 021- 99206670 or see details here [/alert]



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