Azfar Ali Divorced Salma, Got Married With Naveen Waqar

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Karachi: Famous TV actor and Director Azfar Ali has divorced his beloved wife Salma Hassan. After 9 years of long happy marriage life, Azfar Ali shocked his fans by taking this decision. Now Azfar Ali has got married with new emerging TV actress, VJ and RJ Naveen Waqar.


Naveen Waqar got huge fame from HUMSAFAR drama and now she is also acting in ANNIE KI AAYEGI BARAAT Drama. A web portal disclosed Naveen Waqar- Azfar Ali wedding news.

On other hand, Azfar Ali, Naveen Waqar and Salma Hassan haven’t talked media regarding this issue. Azfar Ali already has two children from Salma. Currently Azfar Ali is hosting a show on Geo TV and he is also working on other private productions projects. Most of people know him due to Azfar-Mani program.

Here are some pictures of Azfar Ali wedding.

Azfar Ali with Naveen Waqar in Mayoon

Azfar Ali with Naveen Waqar in Wedding Ceremony

Azfar Ali with Naveen Waqar in Wedding Ceremony

Azfar Ali with Naveen Waqar in Wedding Ceremony

Azfar Ali with Naveen Waqar in Wedding Ceremony

Azfar Ali with Naveen Waqar in Wedding Ceremony

Memorable Picture of Azfar Ali and Salma Hassan

When Azfar didn’t give divorce to Salma, Salma said in interview that her worst nightmare if Azfar will get marry with someone else. Azfar Said he would be failure without Salma. Here is video of that interview.


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  • Umair says:

    strange really.. never expected this from him.

  • zoon sheikh says:

    hate u…

  • Ahmed Abbas says:

    Zafar you are pathetic ,Shame on you,one day all will remain in this materialistic world I believe you will see in your life what you have done.

  • samina ahmed says:

    azfar and naveen…hate u for this

  • qurat says:

    shame no you …its seem so bad and cheep .salma is more beautiful and nice could you do that and even with kids …azfar you must be a selfish and foolish personality because other wise where is your brain that you could have taken that decision and naveen sham on you how can you got married with already married person ..both of you just disgusting

  • mehar hashmi says:

    azfar u did a very cheap and bad job.. ghatia insaan atleast apni beti k baray me tw soch leta.. inshallah u will gona face worst situation in ur life .. and naveen i hate u.. how can u destroy any other women’s home..

  • tariq says:

    bhut tyt azfar , shuker toune us se jaan chura le , :d ala ala bhut ala AZFAR ALI “I M WITH YU” yu did a brillait job *applause* :)

  • Rumana says:

    I wonder how could a woman do that?Naveen you have crossed the limits of selfishness and meanness.You are never going to be happy in your life.Azfar shame on you.

  • naveen waqar says:

    what about his 1st wife and kids ?

  • amna says:

    oh my god they the worst couple ever afzar has done a worst action her wife was soooo good i dont understand why did he divorced her and i hate naven she spoiled their life she can never be happy role of sara really was for her because she deserve this .

  • kzk says:

    well its Azfar’s life i would say some comments that azfar should not divorce salma,if he loves naveen he can do 2nd marriage.This thing shows if he can do with salma aft 9 yrs loving wt guarantee naveen could get 1 or 2 year,any vyz Naveen Congrats u r my ideal
    May u could get long happy life…

  • Ahad says:

    Yar dusri shadi karna koi jurm tou nhi… Islam mein mard ko aik waqt mein 4 shadiyon ki ijazat hai… aur rahi bat pehli biwi ki tou aksar biwiyan mard ki dusri shadi per khud he zabardasti talaq le leti hain… tou ab is mein azfar ka kya qasoor?

  • kAmIeEE NavEEn…..

    I lIkE U AlOt BuT u MdE mE fEl SaD fOr My lIknEs Fo U BEiNg WoMeN U spoil oDeR WOmEn’s HoME nD MeNs deY R AlReaDy …………………..

    OnEdAy he viL leaVe u EmPtY hAndED

  • aeliya ali says:

    azfer i hate u for this. you dont deserve true love and how can u be happy. u will definetly realise ur mistake.and naveen u r a vamp.

  • somi says:

    How could he look happy ? both guys are same and uggly navin and azfer

  • HIRAH says:


  • ambi says:

    mujeh ye dekh k itna afsoos horaha hai tu salma ko kitna dukh horaha hoga….hairat hai mujeh long term relation infact bacho ki bhi life me importance nahi love marriage ki thi dunu ne …Naveen ko tu sochna chahiye tha ek aurat honay k natay kisi ka ghar na barbaad kare khair kitnay din khush rahay ga aisay tharki aur dil phak admi kabhi nahi sudhartay ALLAH inko zindagi m dikhaye ga…Salma v r with u yar!!!ALLah ne bht acha socha hoga tumahray liye jabhi iss ghatiya admi se alag kiya tum ko!!!!

  • shazma says:

    —— ,both

  • azfar bohat cheap man hai or naveen tm ek orat ho tmhary saath b ek din aisa ho ga,salma meri pori humdrdi tmhary 7 hai

  • jannat says:

    who knows what went wrong between so called ” happily married couple” everyone has their life and i think he did good instead of taking bad relationship work just for sake of kids and have extra marital affair he did legal and sharia tareeka.

  • Uzma says:

    What is happening in Showbiz world. Are these actors and artist following Hollywood as divorce is becoming very common among them these days.

  • tatheer says:

    kamine tjhe zra khayal nai aya kya nzr aya tjhe us naveen mei,,,chuya jaisi se lakh darje achi tou salma hy tu pchtae ga bht hm sb ki bdua teri new lyf k sath hy r naveen chuya kahen ki tjhe tou ALLAH puche ga ek aurat ka ghr brbad kya tune tere samne ay ga beta elahae AMEEN…azfar nd naveen u both r _ _ _ _ _nd__________________________________……….

  • i have read all comments all going off the azfar but there is a question here
    if Salma also marry some one how you peoples reacts

  • Naina says:

    Hmm i vill just say k Naveen jo tumharay dramay ka serial thaa akher osay tum ne practical life mai sach ker k dekhayaa u Deserve a man like Idiot Azfar wo shakal se hi kamina hay….N Salma v cant say anything about u but agar tumharay sath NAINSAFI hoey hay to inshallah oska ajar ALLAH tumhay dega…or agar acha sathi mila to zaroor
    shadi ker lena wrna ALLAH ki rehmat to tmharay paas hay yaar:-)

  • nida says:

    I m really shocked to hear this….I hate u azfar…u r so mean,cruel n selfish…inshAllah u ll be divorced again….u ruined Salma s life…n see how shamelessly he s smiling in his wedding pics as if it is his first marriage…azfar u have proved that u r REALLY A GHATIA BANDA

  • mubin says:

    does naveen never think that 1 day she will have children any her outter beauty will probably fade……then will this guy actualy stand by her aur find another girl………….aur rahe baat islam ki lolzzz 2nd shaadi b biwi ki ijazat k begair jaiz he nahi……aur vo extra shaadian apnay showk k liye ni aur is liye ni k u find more beautiful girl and keep marying its for supporting women who need support

  • saima says:

    hate azfar & naveen. jis ny 9 years k baad salma jasi achi larki ko chor diya wo naveen k sath kasye khush rahye ga koe or new actrss anye du ya naveen ko chor k us k sath shadi kr ly ga

  • Sania Khan says:

    unbelievable cruel and selfish….ye sub ali azfar ki shakal men nazar be araha hai..all the shaitan face i can see

  • Mariyam Rizvi says:

    I think we should not say like this that azfar will face worst situation in life or any thing bad in his life.. becuase we have’t any right to say like this. What was going in between salma n azfar no body knows.. After all he has done not a good thing with salma. We all are feeling pitty for salma n we are with salma.

  • Maria says:

    My heart goes out to you Salma. May Allah bless you with sabar in this unbelievably grievous situation, only you and Allah knows how you feel.
    As for these two monsters; you cannot build your life on a broken heart and a broken home. Men and women who digress from the right path face eternal wrath and damnation of Allah. And i TRULY HOPE that this becomes your eventual fate the new Mr. & Mrs. Azfar Ali. You deserve it.

  • sarah says:

    :D naveen you are so cheap.i hope both of you will be happy ever after because both of you are mean alike,you people deserve each other.

  • Ehsan says:

    Well I think what right you have to judge the situation without the real facts. First find out who is wrong and who is right then start cursing the poor guy.

    1. I agree with person who said that mostly girl push to get divorce not accepting 2nd wife. But again we have to look at the factors that led him to that door.

    2. Naveen seems sensible girl so she married a nice person she too realizes same situation not as dum as you people think so no reason to make her feel bad.

    3. Salma if you have taken this step you should clear the air for your husband . Its your responsibility.

    4. Azfar if you married just for fame/power not love that hope you rot in HELL

  • Very sad, so what about his first wife and the children s, this was very heart breaking for his first wife.
    So Sad.

  • samia says:

    shame on u naveen…

  • azfar yeh kaise mohabbat hai k kabhi kisse aur kabhi kis se… yar 9 saal ka rishta ek larki k liye tor diya, atlast app ni beti ka hi socha hota, ya agar karni thi dosri shadi tou salma se pochle te, woh sumjhadar aurat hai,very bad azfar… divorec ka haq sirf larki k pas hona chahiye,nikah nama per k larki ko yeh haq khud rakh na chahiye kyun k larki yeh qadam nahin utha ti hai yeh sirf kamine admiyun ki harqat hai ek larki k chakkar mein talaq de di. larki ki puri zindagi barbad kar di, shame on u azfar very very bad. i hate both of u, azfar and naveen

  • Zara says:

    When I was young I was going out with a guy called Saqib and Salma got in between us, she stole him away from me, now Saqib is dead, he died at a very young age and look at what has happened to Salma…….wow this is Karma.

  • rabia says:

    naveen sctuslly plsyed humsafar role in real life….destroying others life….

  • hamza ali says:

    shame on u naveen waqar and aZfar ali

  • Azfar ko is dunya may hi buhat jald pata chal jaye ga apni worst galti ka

  • asim says:

    Naveen you have crossed the limits of selfishness and meanness.You are never going to be happy in your life.Azfar shame on you.

  • ARSHIA says:


  • Juni says:

    Azfar great yar Bohat khoob. Kaminay smile to aisay day raha hay jaisay teri pehli shadi hay. Aor shadi bhee us say kee hay jo ghat ghat ka pani peetay hoay aai hay. Waisay yeh bata patai kaisay tunay. Hamain to larkia uncle keh ker bhag jati hain. Any how is ko kab choray ga phir ham bhee try keraingay. Kaminay.

  • Sehar says:

    jb bhe main Hira Mani ko dekhti the to sochti the Azfar k bhe dil main ata hoga meri wife b itni young or chunchal hoti kionke azfar or mani best friends the… salma is so attractive but not slim smart and modern like today girls…. shayad ye waja bani ho… or Naveen itni stylish ho kr itne paindoo k sath strange yaaaaaaaar

  • Hina Khan says:


    This is second divorce which really made me sad I wont say shocked coz Show biz is like that. The 1st one was Viqar Whadi and Shaista Whadi.

    when I look back and think about Mahnoor Baloch, Atiqa Udho, Zeba Bakhtiar, Zeenat Mangi (Javed Shikh 1st wife,), Javerai Abbasi, Ayesha Khan ], ohh there are so many can any computer expert make website called “Pakistan Divorce Club”

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