Asma Jahangir Is Qadiani?

Today when I was surfing internet, I read post in a Pakistani politics forum. The post was about Asma Jilani Jahangir. The writer claimed that she is Qadiani while some other members were also agreeing with him. One of them told that her Father was Qadiani while another claimed that her husband is Qadiani.

I was shocked to see that how people easily give label of non-Muslim to someone without any proof. I checked Wikipedia and other websites but people only claimed and all of them gave no proper proofs except emotional discussion.

Although Asma Jilani Jahangi’s character is not good in my mind because of her negative actions and statements, I don’t mean I call him Qadiani. I also agree that there are dozens of pictures in which Asma Jahangir was smoking, meeting with Indian extremist Hindus and wearing Indian costumes but still she is not non-Muslim until I will get strong evidence.


I might be wrong here and someone who is reading this article think that i am moderate Muslim so I want to clarify that I am not. Please share any proof about her if you have.


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