Amna Malik Leaves NewsOne TV Morning Show

Amna Malik pakistanHost of NEWSONE Morning Show Choo Lo Asman, Amna Malik has quitted channel. She was working in News One channel from a long time. UBL Happy Customer Amna Malik was expected to left channel few months ago. Amna Malik was also looking for Health TV Morning show but Anoushey grabbed this show.

There are no details about upcoming host of Choo Lo Asman. NewsOne Management is looking for some big name for this show, source claimed. Name has been finalized by Management and it will be disclosed soon, another inside source reported.

On other hand, Amna Malik is out of screen. She has go offer from another TV Channel and she will be on-air soon. The further details of her new show will be available soon on AwamiWeb. Newsone official website is still showing Amna Malik as host of this show.


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