Vietnamese Man Who Didn’t Slept For 44 Years

Thai Ngoc Is a 67 years old man from Vietnam who has not slept from 44 years because of insomnia, but is still healthy and fit.

During day Thai Ngoc works on his farm as a normal man where he takes care of his pigs, chickens and agricultural fields. But when night falls everyone goes to rest but he cannot, he tried medical pills and Vietnamese herbs but nothing works.

He said that it started after a fever in 1973, he is unable to sleep after recovering from that fever. His wife also said that even liquor or drugs works on him.

You may wonder how he spends his awaken nights? He spends his time working extra on his farms, guarding his farm or helping to guard the houses and farms of others when needed. He also dug two large ponds to raise fish.


Previously people also suffered from insomnia but no one survived for such a long period.

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