Some Facts About SSP CID Chaudhry Aslam

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SSP CID Chaudhry Aslam whom real name is Muhammad Aslam Khan is also famous as encounter specialist. Most residents of Lyari call him as “encounter specialist” or “Chaudhry Aslam”. In fact he is famous as Chaudhry while he belongs from Hazara division.


He took strong action against Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar e Jhangvi (LJ) and Lyari nationalist group. Under his supervision, police have done several successful operations including arrest of TTP Ameer Qari Saeed Anwar and LJ member Waseem Baroodi.

He started his career in police as ASI in 1984 and served as SHO in various police stations of Karachi. Once he was suspended and jailed in allegedly killing a person in fake encounter but court cleared him from all charges. He also participated in 1990s operation against Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Update: Chief of the Crime Investigation Department (CID) of Sindh Police Chaudhry Muhammad Aslam was killed in an attack in Karachi on 9th January, 2014 along with two other policmen and 10 other injured.

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  • ali azam says:

    yeah brave man good cop may Allah Pak bless his soul ameen

  • Asad Gill says:

    salute to him for his great services for pakistaan and to all other shaheeds in that bloost

  • Ejaz says:

    Very likely , he is killed by MQM.

  • Kadir Khan says:

    Shaheed Was A Brave Man,
    May Allah Reat His Soul In Jannat Ul Firdous,
    Ameen Suma Ameen

  • Muhammad Arslan Shahid says:

    No doubt one of the Bravest Police officers in Pakistan Police !!Hard not to be envious of #ChAslamShaheed Such bravery, Such Gallantry, Such chivalry. One can only dream and wish for such a grand ending..

  • mirza says:

    bohit say bey gunah inasano ko paker paker jhoty encounter main mara kiya yehi bahadri hay …

  • humayun says:

    wery good man

  • humayun says:

    Hes also famous for raiding 90 twice, lashing out at and another guy I cannot recall. He was part of the 1992 operation clean up against s armed wing. Irfan Bahadur, Sarwar Commando are names that unnerve the Muttahidas armed boys.

  • khan g says:

    most likely he is killed by Taliban pakistan

  • aniy says:

    Ur such a brave man.mayAllah bless ur soul.Ameen.

  • Faiz Ahmed says:

    Bauht nedar aurbebaak Shaks tha hazaar Salam pesh karta hoon Shaeed Zinda Hotehain……..R.I.P

  • bint e aslam says:

    plz dnt sy him ”kill” sy shaheed or shahadat……………..

  • huraira says:

    boht bahdur aur delar banda tha

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