SMS Marketing Should Be Banned In Pakistan

With the growing advancement in technology, small owned business companies instead of going for high advertisements through new media, electronic or print medium, they prefer to advertise products and companies making use of Sms Marketing. Sending instant messages through cell phones or the internet service at large scale, communicating to people immensely with in seconds. Making of an advertisement can time consuming, involving various characters, designing, concept, good budget, hiring professionals to reach the target. Sms marketing only involves advertising in the simplest manner without the need of any organized team or budget for the purpose.

On the internet there are several free sms soft wares available through which the advertisers can avail the service. These marketers own the database where the contact numbers of individuals are kept. Through the soft wares the design advertisement is readily sent on various numbers.

Sms marketing now has taken shape of a business, charging around 100-250 rs per day for sending messages. If the sms marketing is done through branded sms service then the message bears the name of the company, code or name of the sender. Mobile companies are also involved in this business. By contacting the brands they promote the discount offers and launching of various local brands.

sms text[alert style=”white”] Advertisement about olx, wimax, fumigation services, computer repairmen, tuition, coaching centers, eat out places are common practice of sms marketing. [/alert]

This has developed as an ill-business. Tracking records from the database is illegal. The practice is common now days. Government should take actions against the controlling of sms marketing.


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