Shahista Wahidi Finally Gets Divorced

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shahista wahidi divorceKarachi: Well-known female TV Show host Shahista Wahidi who is also a sister of TV host Sahir Lodhi has finally broke up with her husband as they both finally gets divorced after buzzing reports regarding female TV host’s divorce circulated in the media consistently, credible sources informed Thursday.


According to the latest reports, Shahista Wahidi, who hosts Geo TV Morning show ‘Utho Jago Pakistan’ is finally a divorced woman. The reason behind the split up is due to her husband’s unacceptability of giving his wife a free hand to carry on as a media celebrity, dancing in live shows and showing off expensive clothes.

Earlier, there were several unauthentic reports regarding the divorce news and it was not sure that either she was absent from Geo TV due to her health or a conflict with her husband.

It is pertinent to discuss divorce news of Famous TV actor and Director Azfar Ali and Salma Hassan as the male media celebrity has married with Naveen Waqar.



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  • sahar says:

    i m happy for shAISTA though i donot likje her hosting but she did good for her self respect …………it is a pity that husbands in our soociety treat wives as their BANDSS or a deaf and dumb worthless servant and try to get services,comfort,money,fame through her but dsonot give her freedom to think………shaista i am happy for your freedom…….go and do wat u want to do…u r now ur own commander… happy…….dont regret

  • ansa benazir says:

    wt which kind off freedom,marvlous,every muslm husbnd want a wyf not a show piece,and wt shhista done in hr show u say that and want that kind off freedome,heads off to u mr sahir

  • ahsan says:

    a relation is not a part of life, but relations r life. if anyone cant hold to a relation which is for eternity so i think that its a seriously bad luck of that person. no matter man or a woman…. relation is the name of trust which has to be kept from both sides. honestly speaking i really don’t like shaista wahidi but what just happened to her marital life…… i must say its a tragedy. may ALLAH BLESS US ALL.

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