Qingqi Rickshaws Are Good For Public In Karachi !!!

Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI) has lodged a protest over running of Qingqi Rickshaws on roads. Karachi Transport Ittehad have said that taxes worth billions of rupees are taken from minibuses, coaches, buses, taxis and CNG rickshaws but Qingqi Rickshaws are not lawfully bind to pay any taxes including motor vehicle tax (MVT).

Karachi Transport Ittehad wants an immediate ban on Qingqi Rickshaws. But as a common person i feel that these Qingqi Rickshaws have provided a big relief to people as it charges low than buses, mini buses and coaches. No one on the Qingqi Rickshaw travels while standing everyone is seated.

Government of Sindh should not ban these Qingqi Rickshaws, they should impose motor vehicle tax (MVT) equal of CNG rickshaws which is 120 rupees for one year. Karachi Transport Ittehad instead of crying on this issue should low their bus fares as Karachi Transport Ittehad (KTI) Chairman Irshad Bukhari himself has said that 60% buses, mini buses and coaches have been converted to CNG. Therefore Karachi Transport Ittehad should take fares of CNG and not of diesel and government should also take action on this issue.



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