Protests Mounting Against Blasphemous Film By Israeli Film Maker

protest against Anti Islam filmKarachi: The recent anti-Islam film entitled ‘Innocence of Muslims‘ produced by an extremist Israeli-American film maker Sam Bacile is an all new ad up in the list of endless events blaspheming the Holy Prophet S.A.W and our sacred religion Islam.

The extremists elements in Judaism and Christianity who are ignorant of the facts and history of Islam continues to utter hate speech against Islam proving that only a hateful Ideology could allow hateful speech in the name of freedom of expression.

It seems that no one is really there to stop such elements mocking our sacred beliefs. In past, it was an Islamic Ottoman State that competently stopped and responded to such insults which we see every now and then.

When the Islamic aqeedah was attacked in the time of the Caliph Sultan Abdul Hamid II, the Caliph acted in a very unusual manner. We can contrast the inaction of our current rulers with the firm and severe response of Sultan Abdul Hamid II who was one of the last Khulafaa’ of Islam.

During his time, the French staged a play mocking RasulAllah (saw), written by Voltaire. The French ambassador was duly called upon by the Khaleefah and was first made to wait for few hours then the Caliph came out in full battle dress and laid a sword out in front of the French diplomat and was ordered to leave. As France got the serious message they stopped the play immediately.

The same warning was issued to Britain when it hesitated to ban the play replying it would be an intrusion on the freedom of its citizens. In reply, Caliph issued an edict in clear terms, “I will issue an edict to the Islamic Ummah declaring that Britain is insulting our Prophet. I will declare Jihad.”

Following this threat, despite having superior military might than Ottoman Caliphate, the British issued an official apology to the Caliph and stopped the play.

Let us now try to compare that situation from the present one when the slavery of our so called Muslim rulers has reached the utmost height. They persist to shed useless words from their filthy mouths, not understanding the severty of matter and allowing the extremists insulting our beloved Prophet (saw) and still talking about peace. Instead of passing harsh statement and taking serious steps against the miscreant they fond comfort in arresting demonstrators.

Despite knowing the superiority of Britain and French, the Caliph used diplomatic pressure to ensure that the sanctity of Islam was preserved but our current undeserved rulers fight for their seats by cracking words of peace and tranquility when they know that the Muslims around the world have been attacked.

The only opposition and protest seen across the world was by the true Islamist individuals who justly slaughtered American ambassador to Libya and three others forcing the writer and director of the film hide in holes.

The response of Muslims outrage was natural and dead right but at the same time we seriously need to understand that the actual solution of these attacks on our beliefs are not hundred of protests or demonstrations around the world but the establishment of Islamic Caliphate that would tackle such elements in apposite manner.

Without any doubt, these protests show our love and sanctity towards the Prophet S.A.W but to make it more valuable and constructive we need to set up the strong pillar of Islamic State as we could not depend or expect any strict action from these secular/nationalistic Muslim States who could not even speak a word of truth in front of their colonial masters.

It is high time for the Muslim Ummah to comprehensively reject the uncivilised Western values and establish a State that will defend Islam in its true essence or get ready to witness more events like these in near future.



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