Pakistani Politician Scandal Exposed On Social Media

raheela magsi scandalKarachi:A Pakistani web portal has claimed through a few minutes lengthy video that Raheela Magsi, wife of PPP Sindh Minister Mir Nadir Khan Magsi shows her true color of actual barbarity and insanity to his own people of Sindh who are being given votes to Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) making them win in the elections for decades.

The webportal claims that the women in the video is Raheela Magsi who is showing the real face of feudal affronting humanity by committing terrible act to the man older than him and one younger.

However, we are still not sure either she is Raheela Magsi or not. We await further details and information in this regard to confirm the person doing cruel act is the wife of PPP Minister Mir Nadir Khan Magsi or some other.

Some other sources say that the women in this video is affiliated to PML-N. There are number of rumors circulating regarding Raheela Magsi scandal video, that is why we awaits for the credible information.
Here is video (Note there are some immoral words in this video)



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