Pakistan Passport Fees Will Increase From 1st January 2012

The Passport Department has decided to increase the fees for issuance of passports. The ordinary passport fee has been increased by 900 Rupees and now the fee is 3000 Rupees. The fee of urgent passport has been increased to 5000 Rupees (up by 1000 Rupees).

1000 Rupees have also been increased of the 72-page passport and 2000 Rupees has been increased for urgent72 page passport. The ordinary fee for the 100 pages passport has been increased from 5000 Rupees to 6000 Rupees. For 100 pages urgent passport the fee has raised up to 12000 Rupees from 10000 Rupees. All these increase in passport fees will affect from 1st January 2012.

Update: As per new update, Normal passport fee is Rs. 3000 (five years), Urgent passport fee is Rs. 5000 (five years).



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