NUST’s New Rule for Girls Dress Codes Invokes Social Media

Islamabad: National University of Science and Technology (NUST) has started fining students for not observing the dress codes and the disciplinary rules established by the university’s management, sources have reported.  The university has made it compulsory to wear Dupatta and avoid wearing tight jeans. The NUST management however has declined to the news report stating to introducing the direction of ‘decent dresses’.

A notice pasted on the university’s notice board paper held the names of eleven students who have been fined with an amount ranging from Rs 500-1000 as per the violation of the university’s regulations. The chart bore the name of the students, their class along with sections, the date they were caught up, fining reason and the fining amount. Below was the signature of the university’s Deputy Director (Administration) Abdul Nasir.

NUST University is run by the retired Army officials. The top management of the twin city campuses, Rawalpindi and Islamabad are said to be liberal but the junior officers is strict about the regulations.

The teaching staff is not permitted to intervene in the students affairs. Neither there is any academic staff association. Couple of months ago, almost same case was occurred when Tight Dresses were banned in Indonesia for girls.

Here is Scan copy which shows penalty on students.

Girls Names Blur due to privacy

Male and females are not allowed to mingle with each other. In case of smoking, eating in laboratories, wearing tight jeans and not wearing Dupatta, students are charged. However, the management did not respond to media stating that they are not aware of the issue.

Many children have expressed displeasure and called it to be an “Islamic Institution”; some have expressed happiness of not getting admission there.

Neither Islamists are convincing with this decision nor Liberals are looking Happy, said A Student.

However, step taken by NUST is appreciable. As an institution, it should have rules and regulations to maintain discipline and avoid immoral, immodest acts with in the premises. Universities in posh areas of the cities are quite in famous for the ‘indecent acts’ that happens often without check and control.  Being a Muslim, as an education institution it falls as responsibility for everyone to direct limitations that do not go beyond our ethical norms of the society.


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