Meera Will Marry Naveed Shehzad: Meera Mother

Shafqat Zehra Bukhari mother of Meera has confirmed that marriage of Meera will take place with Naveed Shahzad. Naveed Shahzad is a pilot in America in a private company. On 19th February, 2012 (Sunday) Naveed Shehzad with his parent went to Meera’s house in Lahore and gave away the proposal of marriage.

Lollywood actress Meera parent accepted the proposal (Rishta pakka hugaya)and now Meera will wed with Naveed Shehzad. After that Meera and Naveed spoke to the media and said that engagement ceremony will be held soon and everyone will be invited.

Meanwhile media reported that Naveed Shehzad has done marriage before and he is father of one girl. He has divorced his first wife.




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