Maham Amir Hosts Morning Show Salam Sindh On Sindh TV

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Maham Amir is hosting the very famous Sindhi Morning show program Salam Sindh on Sindh TV news. Maham Amir Salam Sindh program has been started from 8th June, 2011 from the day show started it has gain very much popularity in Sindh. The target audience of the program is Sindhi people and interestingly this show is also done in Sindhi language.


The Show is divided in to many interesting segments in which food and other segments features. Many of the Sindhi Celebs, actors, singer, actors and artist have been already invited in the Show in which they have discussed their life experiences etc.

The Show is air on Sindh TV News from Wednesday to Sunday between 9:05 AM to 11:05 AM.

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  • aap bht good looking hain so nice maham.

  • sabita says:

    salam daear maham amir hru

    i like ur show very much its realy nice.i want to say that i have mis ur show becoz of lodshading.2march r,3rd march agao i have see ur show which iz about the astrologer i dont no whatz his name r hiz contact r e-mail adress plz kindly show his name r adraz; iwant to no my luck r future thank u:

  • dr Bakhat says:

    hi maham ur so nice and looking good as well your performanc as well ur shehtane activity.good luck .and keep it up .sallm sind.

  • sajid mehm00d says:

    assalam 0 alekum..,
    how are you maham, h0pe u n ur all team members wil b fin3, u have d0ne ramadan sh0w, ahsan ramzan, v re the winners 0f y0ur sh0w.. But recvd any resp0nce 4m ur side, when wil u send 0ur przes, gve +ve reply

  • shafqat says:

    a.a seen today with badal…….. u are doing nice job……

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