Junaid Jamshed Lawn Prints Exhibition At The Palm Sea View, Karachi From 26th – 29th January

J. Lawn (Junaid Jamshed lawn) Prints 2012 and stitched collection will be exhibited at the Palm Sea View, Karachi from 26th – 29th January. The lawn exhibition will start at 10 AM Pakistan Standard Time (PST).

Recently winter sale of this season with Junaid Jamshed was in progress. 25 % off was offered on the Nearang Collection. The winter sale was offered from 6th to 22nd January.

In the recent few years J Dot (J.) has become one of the top lawn brands in Pakistan especially in Karachi. The sale of J. items is very high and people prefer to buy J. Lawns. But people have complained that lawns in J. are very costly.


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