Javed Choudhry New Personal Website

Javed Choudhry a famous TV anchor person and a renowned columnist has launched his own and personal website to uplift his personality and to boost up the communication gap with the viewers and to update them on his latest ongoing. The Javed Choudhry website looks amazing but there are few problems: 1. Javed Choudhry website has put a lot of images which shouldn’t be there. Banners can be made for kal tak show, books or columns.

2. The information is out dated. Blog should have column listed not just link and user have to navigate three to four clicks to read the column. Nobody waits so long.

3. Books are not downloadable. How can a user download an e-book?

4. Some links are broken.

5. Page Title are all same which shows that work has been done by some unprofessional.

The Javed Choudhry website can be accessed by clicking here.





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