India’s Richest Beggar Who Owns Property & 5 Bank Accounts

Indian Pappu Kumar is one of the most richest beggars in the world and earns more than many Indian professionals. He not only owns a house, bank accounts but also gives loan to businessmen’s.

Pappu owns property which worth more than 1200,000 Indian Rupees, he has 5 bank accounts with deposit of Rs. 500,000. He is also charging interest from loan of 1 million which he has given to different people.

Like every beggar pappu’s story is also sad. He said he wanted to become an engineer but was paralyzed after an accident when he was a student of intermediate. He passed intermediate with 57% and gained 72 marks in mathematics which was his favourite subject.

After accident he was forced to beg but it seems that his good marks in mathematics worked here and he started to safe his begging. Soon he opened bank accounts and then purchased properties.


Railway police had removed him several times from railway premises and asked him to stop begging as he has sufficient money and property to live a normal life but he refuses to stop begging.

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