Indian RAW Involved in Balochistan and Karachi Unrest

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Lahore: Couples of foreign spy agencies are act in various parts of Pakistan. Indian RAW, Israeli Mossad and Afghan NDS are busy in different terror activities in Pakistan.  Pakistani Agencies Got details regarding involvement of these agencies in Karachi Killings and Balochistan conflict, Pakistani Newspaper published report. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is playing leading role in Karachi Target Killings. Pakistani secret Agency found clear evidence that Indian elements involvement are involve in terrorism activities in Karachi.


On other hand, RAW and Afghan secret agency NDS are jointly working to feed anti-Pakistani groups. These agencies are giving Financial Assistance to Separatist parties like BLA, BLF and Baloch Republican Army.india-afghan-israel-flags

RAW has immense links in Afghanistan Officers and they helped Indian agency for money. RAW provides fake documents to these terrorists to send them to India, UAE and European countries.

Brahamdagh Bugti’s close commander Riaz Gul Bugti’s documents got by a Pakistani media and published it. According to details, these agencies manipulated Riaz Bugti documents and presented him as Afghan Businessman Ahmed Javed. He visited India to meet RAW officers.

Here are Fake Afghan Passport and fake Indian Passport snapshots of Riaz Gul Bugti.

Riaz Gul Bugti passport

He changed name as “Ahmed Javed” for Indian Tour

Pakistani Agencies has also collected data of fake social networking accounts. These accounts are running by anti-Pakistani elements from India and other countries and try to portray themselves as Baloch.

There are training camps for terrorists in Kabul, Kandahar and Nimruz provinces of Afghanistan.

Furthermore, India also trained Baloch Language to many Indians and Afghans. Israeli Mossad is also contributing in all this through financial help.

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  • Kausar Kazmi says:

    shocked! now i have decided to quit star plus and all vulgar indian channels and movies

  • aamir says:

    crush them all ,,,,crush all of them who are against pakistan ,,,,wheather they are pakistani or non pakistani just crush them

  • nizam says:

    Yahodiyo ka Media Geo!jo kabhi Musalmano pr hony wale zulm pr baat nahi krta!

  • a shakoor ajmal says:

    inddia pakistam ka dosat nhi ho sakta ye galat fehmi dil se nikal do,us ko dusman samjho woh bhi makkar,abb khalstan ka ilzam hum pe laga raha apni har nakami pakistan pe dal kar bari al zimma ho jata hai,crush india fer na rahay ga baans fer na bajay gi bansri,pakistan zinda baad pti zinda baad.

  • khuwaja says:

    Bhai meray pakistan …pehlay taliban ki paidawar band karo …aur jo zulm sitam pehlaya huwa hain unhay kam karu …ISI kay hub say osama niklah jo jay trainibg lah raha tah …Afghanistan ko mossad kay sath mila kar bohat bari ghalti kardi …jo kay khud islamiat kay khilaf kam ki…

  • Zee says:

    any whore can blame Indian RAW and Afghan NDS for terrorism but you need real evidence to prove it so next time before you publish something as fake as this, take a look at our ISI and their involvement of terrorism. Take a look at those solid evidence that shows they are training terrorists. Whatever is happening in Pakistan at the moment is not any other country’s involvement but our own ISI who are the biggest terrorists in the world, even bigger than America.

    • Khanabadosh says:

      Wow Zee dude seriously, as u already told the word “EVIDENCE” do u have any about the involvement of ISI … If not then please shut the fu*k up … It is just the fu*king news ____ … If u r a Pakistani which i am highly doubt FYI : Our Agencies only Observe and Report which also called intelligence … Actions always come after the Analysis of the Intelligence and only Army take these actions u numb nuts … If u don’t know anything then just keep quiet Don’t like a self proclaimed intellectual like fu*king Najam Sethi, Marvi Sarmad and Mother Fucker Nusrat Javed … I hope u don’t mind what i said to u …. :-)

  • Muhammad Luqman says:

    dosto bat ye theek hy that RAW Mosaad etc are doing wrong here, but matter is that what our agencies are doing ? kia hamaray pas koi force nahe ? ya kia hamaray pas secret agency nahe ? even hamaray pas saray sources and man power hy than why we are unable to stop them ? bloachistan main 2 number army bani hoye hy and no one can stop it !! ab wo army kisi be waqat Pak k ly koi bara maska bana sakti hy, but hum us ko nahe rok rehay, jis foreign agency ka jo dil chahay aa akr kar jaye pakistan main but us ko poochny wala nahe, the main thing is k why our all government are not taking action ?? Musharaf k hotay hoye ye kaam start hoye and he did not stop, ppp ke hakoomat main kaam urooj par chala gya but no one took action , abhe Nawaz hakoomat aaye but kaam or tez ho gya , govt ko to jesay mulk k achay buray ke parwa he nahe,
    what is the Solution,? who will crush these Pak anemies , ??

  • Kashif says:

    Keep our self united don’t involve in blame game (MQM), enemy always trying to destabilize you

  • xyz says:

    Crush All Indian/overseas Agents who works for india , israel, or any other country From Pakistan

  • Hassan says:

    Chooti Kaumiaatoon ko kabhi apny sath aik hee nashist per bithaya huta tu koi b ghadar-e-watan na hota Sab Ghayur-e-watan hotay
    Ab ap log aur keh b kia sakty hu siwa is k k CRUSH THEM ALL
    Face the reality
    If u want Peace and Justice for Balochistan
    1st of all u shud Accept that u did unjustice with Baloch People
    I love Islami Jamhuria Pakistan

  • Abdur Rahman says:

    ab daikna ye hain ke pak govt aur media kya karainge

  • Tauseef Khan says:

    Dear All Pakistani channels & Media ,

    If you peoples knows Indian RAW Involved in Balochistan and Karachi Unrest why you promote indian films new release & update news in your entertainment section ” SHAME ON ALL PAKISTANI CHANNELS”
    becoz they wants money only…. Just check any indian channel the never shows any think which is belong to pakistan just they promote “BAD IMAGE” of pakistan always.


  • sohail says:

    Jab tak punjab dosre k mal ko apna mal samjh kar hazam karta rahe ga aur jab tak punjab dosro per zulm kar k khod ko pakistani aur dosro ko dahshatgard kahay ga kuch bhi theek nahi hoga……………….

  • sohail says:

    Jab sab ko is ka haq milega to kio koi shoor machaaye ga? Sarar tum hazam karo aur bhoka shoor machaye to dahshatgard………sab k haq dedo phir dekho kis ki himat hai k pakistan k khilaf koi bat karay

  • Asif says:


  • Pathan says:

    Not only raw involve in karachi and balochistan . world top agencies was murge

  • masoodmalik says:

    Shame for pak midia,

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