Indian Involvement In Balochistan, Confirmed By US Senator

india in balochistanThe US Senator Chuck Hagel had thoroughly exposed Indian’s involvement in Balochistan while the Pakistani rulers did not have the courage to name India in this respect. India had been infiltrating saboteurs in FATA and Balochistan for years and spending huge amounts to destabilize this country whereas the Pakistani rulers, instead of lodging protest over that, were vying to befriend India only to please the US.

US slaves ruling the country had placed the nation at the mercy of enemy powers practically neutralizing the nuclear capability of the country. The US was mercilessly killing the Muslims all over the world but the cowardly Muslims rulers were bowing at the door of Washington.

If Pakistan was not secure from US brutality despite being a nuclear power, the fault lay with the cowardly rulers who were safeguarding the US interests. Unless the honest and patriotic leadership will come to power, the country would remain the grip of crises. The masses not to axe their own feet once again and they will surely come for change in upcoming days.

The Taliban offered for dialogue when they were weak. Pakistani rulers did not have the courage to take independent decisions and were waiting for a nod from Washington while on the other hand, Washington itself was begging for talks with the Taliban. As a matter of fact, the US was preventing Islamabad from a dialogue with the Taliban as it wanted that the bloodshed of the Pakistanis should continue.

About Writer: Shehzad Kamran has done Bachelor in Media Studies from PunjabUniversity, Karachi. Currently working as copy editor in a private TV Channel.


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