Important Guide For Those Who Want To Go Abroad from Pakistan

Who doesn’t wants to go abroad? These days every second person is crazy for going abroad and he dreams about it day and night.

If you really want to go abroad then this story is just for you.

Canada has started a new immigration program by the name of ‘Express Entry’. Through that you can get Canadian citizenship in a very less time.

While talking to the media, the managing director of Dubai immigration consultant firm ‘Batten & Company’ Julie Batten has revealed the procedure to get Canadian citizenship through this program.

She said that through this program, people can give their applications in three categories. First category is ‘Federal Skilled Worker Class’, second is ‘Federal Skilled Trade Class’ and third is ‘Canadian Experience Class’.

For these people to apply for this program first will have to create their entry profile.

In that profile, all the details, name, education, professional experience, language and all the personal details should be given.


From those applicants IRCC will select the best possible candidates. The applicants will be given number on their profile form 1200. The applicants with most numbers will be invited to apply for Canadian citizenship.


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