Illegal Mobile Guns in Peshawar Threats Security in Pakistan

Karachi: Pakistan spy agency has come up with a top secret and disclosing the sell of .22 caliber guns disguised as an cell phone at weapon market of Peshawar. The Mobile disguised gun can be used to assassinate key public figures, politicians and other social working personalities.

The Mobile disguised gun is capable of firing many rounds in short interval of time. According to the sources these Mobile phone guns are made in Europe and being sold in the local market of Peshawar which cost about near to Rs.30,000/-

A letter was sent to the law enforcement agencies which has alert them and this could cause serious problem to the security condition of Pakistan as Terrorist and criminals could easily damage the security condition of Pakistan.

In the letter it was written that a strong team should be setup to stop growing sell of this gun in the market before it is too late.

Security Agencies including Airport staff, FIA and customs have been asked to provide special training to their staff in order to identify the Cell Phone disguised gun.

Also awareness program should be run through electronic, print and social media to aware the people about this gun and in this way security officials can also keep an eye on the cell phone gun.


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