How Shaista Wahidi Became Dr Shaista Lodhi?

shahista wahidi divorcedFamous female TV host formerly known as Shahista Wahidi, know known as Shahista Lodhi (her actual birth name) has split up with her husband very recently after a wave of quarrel between her and her husband Waqar Wahidi. Now, as Shahista has been divorced she now calls herself Shahista Lodhi instead of Shahista Wahidi, replacing Lodhi with Wahidi as a result.

According to the sources, the host of Geo TV morning show ‘Utho Jaago Pakistan’ Shahista following the breakup began living in a separate house located in Defence, Karachi while her husband continued to live in Nazimabad.

The story behind the break up would lead you up to the very mindset of people living in our society, much right though. Shahista’s husband was not contended seeing his wife dancing on live TV shows, spreading obscenity and maligning the status of family.

She was regularly been argued about it by her husband who insist her to leave the profession and take care of the house and family. However, Shahista was not ready to leave up her work and identity which she gained through sheer struggle after a very long time.

This confrontation further resulted in fights, disagreements and eventually leading to divorce and now she has a new name “Shahista Lodhi” instead of “Shahista Wahidi.”


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