HBL Commercial – Shahid Afridi & Mr. Bean

afridi hbl ad Habib Bank Limited has featured Pakistan Cricketer Shahid Afridi in its commercial which is being telecasted on TV, nowadays.  Afridi is in contract with HBL from past several years and he has done many TV commercials with HBL.

This time the uniqueness came with an inclusion of local Mr.Bean with Shahid Afridi, the ad is being liked by his fans as well as the permanent customers of Habib Bank.

It is also interesting to see that every company, be it National or Multinational, every organization wants to take Afridi for the promotion of its products.

For the same reason, Afridi is also been featured in Voice Mobile and Pepsi advertisements. Afridi seems to be the sign of success for every organization that is why majority of business corporations takes Afridi in its commercials.


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