Goodnight Umer Sharif On Geo TV From 14th March

Comedy king Omar Shareef is back on Geo TV network. A new show ‘Goodnight Omer Shareef’ will start its broadcast from 14th March. The show will be on air on every Thursday and Friday at 11:00 PM. It is expected that politicians, artists, sports personalities and other celebrities will be guest in the show.

Umer Sharif (also spelled as Omer Shareef) has also hosted a show on Geo TV before where he hosted “The Sharif Show,”. Umer Shareef interviews a variety of actors, actresses, entertainers of all kinds as well musicians.

Umer Sharif was born on 19th April, 1955 in the town of Liaquatabad in Karachi, Sindh. He has now become comedy king of Pakistan and is seen as Masters of Ceremonies for various important events. His original name is Mohammad Umer, however he changed that to Umer Zarif when he joined the theater and later it was changed to Umer Sharif.


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