Girls Dancing Shows in Pakistani School in The Name of Sports Day

pakistan girl students dancingThere was a time when sports day mean Cricket, Hockey, Football and other sports activities but now sports day means Dancing Shows. From last couple of months, dozens of famous schools and Colleges organized Sports day. After reviewing these events, I found that many of them were organized for the sack of spreading vulgarity. On other hand, Some People Misuse Girls Pictures on Internet. And due to this, many girls face shame after seeing their edit pictures on immoral sites. Due to weak actions against Cyber Crimes in Pakistan, Girls and Boys can’t take action against responsible.

Media’s Role in Promoting Nudity in Pakistan

Other side of picture can clear purpose of enemies of Pakistan. It also interesting that Pakistani TV Channels and Newspapers highlighted only those Sports shows which were full of dancing activities. Almost all leading newspapers publish pictures of dancing girls with caption “Girls of College are performing dance on Sports Day”. TV channels are also doing same. Other Private Schools and Colleges claim that Media don’t cover them until they include something spicy in event.

Another shocking trend which has been increasing in Private and Government College is Modeling of Girls during Annual School shows. Punjab Group of Colleges is leading educational organization in Punjab but they are also leading in spreading vulgarity. They have support of Dunya TV and Dunya Newspaper to promote their events.


Picture Taken From a Famous College of Punjab

A Student from Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore told that Teachers and administration of her college also pull girls to perform in these types of activities. If someone rejected to dance or modeling, administration labeled her as extremist, she told.

It’s also pathetic that Government Schools and Colleges are also following this trend. You can also observe it just visit sports day of near college specially Girls Colleges of Karachi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Multan.

About Guest Author: Sobia Ikram is Student of BA in Private College, Lahore. She also works as Freelance Writer. If you have any queries about my post, you can Contact me by sending mail to Admin of this site.



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