Father Forced 11-Year-Old Daughter To Marry Handicap Man, Karachi

Marriage-handcuffKarachi: A father in Karachi forced his 11-year-old daughter to marry a 22-year-old handicap man. Father of 11-year-old Sana took 70 thousand rupees and a motorbike from the handicap man. “My age is 11 years while my father in marriage certificate has stated it 18 year”, Sana said in a conference after she had registered a case against her greedy father, express news reported.

Sana is a resident of Gulshan Iqbal Block 13-D and has registered a case against her father who has forcefully married her to a handicap man named Akbar. Sana has said that Akbar gave her father 70 thousand rupees and a motorbike.

When Sana with the help of her grandmother raised voice against her father Muhammad Ramazan, he registered a case of kidnapping against Sana’s grandmother. On Wednesday both Sana and her grandmother did a press conference with the support of Zia Aawan who is a member of Madadgaar Helpline trust.


During the press conference Sana has also said that her father had also married his sister to a 60-year-old man previously. Sana has requested Chief Minister of Sindh and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of the incident as her father is still threatening her and her grandmother.

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