Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan Offers Cheap Electricity In 90 Days

According to an image shared on facebook, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has offered government a cheapest solution with in 90 days. The solution is conditional on government support. Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan has emphasized the importance of government support for his project according to the image.

Dr. Abdul Qadeer khan said ‘If government supports he can offer more cheaper electricity than Iran and China and the supply would be for 800 years, this electricity can be used in addition it can also be used for selling to other countries.The facebook image is shared below:

As per our resources apart from facebook image, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan blames government for electricity crisis and he is also of the opinion that government make billion dollars in rental projects. His opinions regarding governemnt corruption were recorded in CMS College at the Arts Council Gujranwala on Saturday, 31 March 2012.



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