Deficiency Of Magnesium May Cause Heart Attack

New studies are revealing that deficiency of magnesium is also a reason for heart problems and heart attacks which is widely ignored by doctors.

Research based on studying patients of cardiovascular patients for more than 70 years has found that lack of magnesium is as responsible for heart attacks as excessive cholesterol.

Andrea Rosanoff from Centre for Magnesium Education & Research claims that High LDL cholesterol and high blood pressure are associated with low magnesium intakes and still we are ignoring the importance of magnesium.

Carolyn Dean a medical advisor known for heart related research and work argues that magnesium should be used as a treatment for heart patients because from past many years we have using cholesterol lowering drugs yet there is a increase in heart elated problems.

She explains that in our body the highest level of magnesium is found in our heart this indicates how important magnesium is for our health.


Fish, green vegetables, lentils and bananas are rich in magnesium and should be consumed for healthy heart.

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