Cristiano Ronaldo Refuses to Exchange Jersey with Israeli Players

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Cristiano-RonaldoOnce again Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo showed his favor for Palestine Nation. In a Recent Match Football match Cristiano didn’t exchange his T-Shirt with an Israeli Players. According to some media reports, Cristiano refused to switch T-Shirt with Israeli footballers to record his protest against Israeli Brutality in Palestine. The Video also shows that how boldly he took this decision. This video is spreading massively on internet. On other hand, only few leading media channels reported this news.


Cristiano Ronaldo’s Respect For Palestine

This is not the first time when 28 years old player showed his respect and love for Palestine Nation who is suffering from many decades. In 2011, Ronaldo sold his shoes to get donation for Real Madrid Foundation, organization build schools in 66 countries including Palestine. In November 2012, he donated Golden Boots worth 1.5 Euro, RT Media reported.

Cristiano Ronaldo hasn’t tweeted or comment on his last day action in which he refused T-shirt exchange but some reliable media reports confirmed this news. On other hand, some critics said that Cristiano did wrong and it showed his hate against Israel.

Here is Video, Watch and Comment Below (Embed from Facebook)


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  • Khalid says:

    Love u c.r 7

  • Awais says:

    It Is His Anger Against Brutality.. This Could Be For Any Person In The World.. Respect This Man …:)

  • all muslim leaders should bycot israel. we r thankful to ronaldo for supporting innocent palestine people.

  • silent lover says:

    my best football player

  • Ahmed says:

    Bold personality bold decision. BRAVO RONALDO

  • M.Tahir says:


  • ali says:

    g o ronaldo apny muslim fans ki shan barhha di to ny

  • RG RABBANI says:

    Ronaldo ny aisa kia to theke but VIDEO mein to nahe aisa kuch…………… Wo to uski apni team ka player hy ……

  • wasim yaseen says:

    Its is true face of Islam.when something is going wrong and you feel it.
    As said in Qur’rn
    “if you find something wrong stop it with your hand if you have no power then speak it is wrong and even if you are not able to do this then hate in your heart and this is the sign of poor fath”

  • Mateen ullah meo says:

    i love ronaldu and it is my favourite player as my favourite is cricket b

  • M.Umar Javed says:

    hats of to u RONALDO…..great players serves humanity…..good to see by not exchanging his shirt…..ur this deed will definetely leave a strong impact on ur muslim fans……..!

  • Zaryab ali says:

    Ronaldo is the best man who stand for humanity ! May the odds be ever in his favour

  • Mani Chohaan says:

    Great Thinking i think so this is example of a brave person openly taking challenge…………………!

  • Its his style. its not mean he extermly against Israel its depend on his mood. He is good sportsman.

  • Aliz biz says:

    Habibi ronaldo

  • Mumtaz Yousafzai says:

    I salute you Ronaldo great man!

  • haiderali says:

    brave man

  • Pakistan says:

    There is no Isreal its Palestine………!! LONG LIVE PALESTINE <3………..!!

  • Tehmina says:

    I salute you.

  • taimoor ali khan says:

    lv u ronaldo ………

  • Engr Akmal says:

    excellent…………. may Allah bless him with islam……….and may live long

  • Ms Sial says:

    It Is His Anger Against Brutality.. This Could Be For Any Person In The World.. Respect This Man …:)

    I salute you.

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