Cornetto Butterscotch Now Available In Pakistan – Price Rs. 45 or 40

Cornetto ButterscotchKarachi: The mouth watering treat Cornetto Butterscotch is one of the new flavours introduced recently by Wall’s in Pakistan under the Cornetto brand, which can be bought for Rs 45 or Rs 40. As summers approach, people will have a new flavour to enjoy!

Cornetto Butterscotch is a frozen dessert butterscotch flavour with a chocolate sauce and a topping of chocolate chips. The surroundings are of a crunchy baked wafer cone and at the end of the cone is a delicious chocolate plug to give an everlasting experience.

Among the Cornetto flavours consumers can also enjoy Cornetto Classico, Cornetto Double Chocolate, Cornetto Black & White, Cornetto Flirty Berry and Cornetto Fruity-Yo. The Cornetto Butterscotch is another delicious addition to the family and a must try.

Cornetto is a Unilever brand that has been promoted under the label of Wall’s Pakistan. Cornetto is one of the biggest brands marketed by Wall’s and has been since the launching of Wall’s in 1996. Wall’s is among the top frozen desserts and Ice Cream manufacturers in Pakistan who have launched a range of products for the consumers to enjoy.


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