Clever Pre-Measures Taken By Hardees Restaurant In Pakistan

islamic slogans at hardeesKarachi: After the attack on multi national food restaurants across the world, Hardees which is an American chain took efficient pre-measures in order to prevent looting and burning at the restaurants located in major cities of the country. The step was taken as it was obvious it could be the target as well but it took an amazing step. Hardess management put banners in which following text written, “I am ready to die to protect honor of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW”.

One must give credit to these smartly thinking people. They know people would target their business the move taken by them is worth appreciatable.

KFC should have done that too in Lebanon as the protesters set ablaze the restaurants in the country. It is to mention here that there were several reports circulating in the online media about KFC disclosure in Pakistan but it was denied by the KFC officials later.


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